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Aegean 30 - Dismantlable, transportable

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Our powercat proved to be an excellent coastal cruiser for a couple. It took us over 6,000 miles from the fjords of British Columbia to the Gulf of Mexico and even to the lagoons of the Bahamas. Because the Skoota 28 is dismantlable, we were able to build her in a shed with a door only 10 feet (3 meters) wide and later transport her from Seattle, Washington to Corpus Christi, Texas on a standard van-drawn trailer.” One downside, however, is that, by Richard's own admission, the Skoota 28 is clearly a perfect powercat for aperitifs with six people, meals with four, but only two for sleeping. That's why Richard is now offering plans for the Aegean 30, a development of the Skoota 28, yet to be built in plywood/epoxy and dismantlable. The objective was to increase the beam - now close to that of a sailing catamaran - and the headroom while offering two additional berths in the hulls. The outboard motors make beaching easier and safer - no rudders and engine legs. Two 40 to 60 HP engines guarantee a cruising speed of 10-12 knots (16-20 knots top speed).
Technical specifications:
Architect: Richard Woods Design
Material: Epoxy plywood
Overall length: 30ft 2in (9.2m)
Waterline length: 28 ft 5in (8.85 m)
Beam: 16 ft 5in (5.0 m)
Draft: 14 in (0.36 m)
Headroom in nacelle: 6ft 2in (1.9m)
Light displacement: 5500 lbs (2.5 t)
Displacement under load: 7000 lbs (3.2 t)
Engines: 2 x 40 to 60 HP outboards
Cruising speed: 10/12 knots
Peak speed: 16/20 knots

Contact : woodsdesigns@gmail.com


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