Power catamaran

Insetta 35 IFC - Foils between the hulls!

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Seen from the side, this large Open model has an inverted then positive deck sheer: it looks like a monohull. Seen from ahead or astern, it's a completely different matter! Two asymmetrical hulls are clear to see. On the outside, there are chines. Inside, vertical topsides, a double tunnel and especially, the famous stainless-steel foils. The first one connects the hulls, while the two wings aft are quite distinct. The two engines - up to 2 x 450 HP - are slightly offset with the propellers set outside. Under way, the lift generated by the foils dampens the waves and allows the boat to turn by leaning into the curve. During the first tests with two 400 HP engines, planing was achieved in 6 seconds and 12 were enough to reach 25 knots.
Builder: Insetta Boatworks
Length: 35’ (10.67 m)
Beam: 10’8” (3.25 m)
Draft: 2’ (0.61 m)
Displacement: 11,000 lbs (4.99 t)
Cruising speed: 41 knots
Max speed: 51 knots
Fuel: 490 US gal (1,855 l)
Price: $379,995


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