Power catamaran

ShadowCat Wayfinder - A 68-meter (223’) support catamaran

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Dan Mace, Incat Crowther's technical director, explains the choice of two hulls instead of one: “A catamaran configuration offers 60% more deck space and 40% more volume capacity, allowing ultimate flexibility and operational efficiency. In addition, the high speed and low fuel consumption figures are impressive. The catamaran provides a stable platform for the safe transfer of guests to and from the helicopter. The same goes for loading and unloading equipment and tenders: Wayfinder offers a 70% increase.”
This escort and logistical support yacht measures 223 feet (68 meters) in length and 46 feet (14 meters) in the beam. Its limited draught of 8 feet (2.40 m) allows it to get close to the shoreline. The new ShadowCat has four decks - enough to accommodate about 20 guests and 14 crew. As for equipment, in addition to the helicopter, there are five large tenders, jetskis and all sorts of watersports toys...
Wayfinder's hulls are occupied by a multitude of service spaces, including waste management and treatment, technical stores, laundry, workshops and storage.
Wayfinder will meet or exceed IMO (International Maritime Organization) Tier III emissions guidelines and has innovative green technology to reduce its environmental impact. The goal is to provide operational capability, but discharging nothing harmful to the environment. An onboard treatment plant deals with all wastewater discharged. Wet and dry waste is also fully treated on board to enable the vessel to operate with a zero-discharge policy.

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