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Buyer’s Guide 2020: The reference for all multihull enthusiasts

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This year, we’re presenting nearly 200 multihulls - 189 to be precise - compared to 131 last year. We’ve also taken care to expand the ranges of some lesser well-known manufacturers: our goal is of course to reference all models. A task that remains 100% impossible, but we’re not far off it.

New for 2020:

  • Our Buyers’ Guide is now organized into eight categories.
  • In each of these categories, multihulls are classified by size.
  • The summary below allows you to easily find the model(s) you are interested in.
  • All multihulls tested by Multihulls World give the reference to the magazine in which the test was published
  • We have (finally!) compiled an exhaustive list of all our tests: it appears at the end of this Buyer’s Guide.
  • In short, you are now holding the Multihull Bible in your hands!


30 TO 40 FEET

40 TO 45 FEET

45 TO 50 FEET

50 TO 60 FEET

60 TO 70 FEET


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