“Multihulls. More attractive than ever.”

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This shows how strong the craze for multihulls is... who would have dared to predict such an evolution since the beginning of the 1980s, a decade which saw the appearance of the first modern multihulls in series production? Admittedly, these figures are largely due to the average selling price: €500 to €600,000 when that of a monohull is two to three times lower. The trend, followed (or anticipated?) by multihull builders is therefore to offer larger, more comfortable and better equipped units. Will our catamarans and trimarans now be reserved for the wealthy? Could a financial crisis comparable to that of 2008 impact the well-filled order books? Not really: the market for small trimarans is very active, Excess are going to be launching a 37-foot catamaran at Boot Düsseldorf, and the second-hand market has all sorts of accessible multihulls available to us. In short, this reveals a few leads as to the subjects we're going to be sharing with you during 2020...


Emmanuel van Deth, Rédacteur en Chef

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