After Covid-19: Boats of the Heart for Careworkers

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Many among us, such as here in Europe, thank the commitment of the medical profession at a set time every evening. This recognition has got Jean-Luc Guitard thinking about wanting to do more - afterwards. “I’ve decided I want to continue this wave of gratitude for all medical staff by offering them the opportunity to go sailing as soon as the health crisis is over. Personally, I will offer to take medical staff out on my Lagoon 380, and I’m calling on all boatowners to join with me and set up a big fleet, the Bateaux du Coeur (Boats of the Heart). The objective is to offer our careworkers free day-sails or longer trips depending on what might be possible for you. Let’s help them to relax and take their mind off their daily struggle against the epidemic. We owe them this return of solidarity.”

Multihulls World is associated with this initiative: all skippers who joining Jean-Luc Guitard's fleet will receive one year’s subscription to the magazine free of charge.


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