Around the world the wrong way - Departure from Cadiz scheduled for December 12 for the trimaran Use It Again

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The interests of this attempt are multiple. To begin with, such a project is pretty rare and has only been successful five times since... 1895, but every time on a monohull, and single-handed. The record has stood unbeaten since 2004: Frenchman Jean-Luc Van Den Heede set the time that year, namely 122 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 49 seconds. The challenge that Romain and Alex are taking up aboard a trimaran is therefore unprecedented, both because they are sailing two-handed, but also because they have opted for a multihull. The environmental approach is also in the spotlight since this large trimaran is none other than Dame Ellen MacArthur's former B&Q Castorama. After her racing successes (a solo round-the-world record in 2005, but in the right direction) the trimaran sat unused 2011 through 2016. As her name suggests, the Use it Again concept consists of recovering as much old equipment as possible, repairing, transforming and recycling it in order to limit the environmental impact of the project. Departure scheduled for December 12th, bound Cape Horn for starters...

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