Aventura 37 - A much-anticipated compact catamaran

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This new model in the Aventura range fits in between the 34 and the 44. And on the cruising catamaran market, it joins that very rare sector of boats under 37 feet – there’s the C-Cat 37 and the Excess 11, of course. Our first discovery of the Aventura 37 was a pleasant surprise: though the nacelle has understandably less space, the cockpit is vast. The helm station is set back so as not to interfere with sailing maneuvers – which are grouped just forward of the helm. Up on the bimini, a sunlounger can be used, but only when in port or at anchor, so as to maintain a decent upwind sail area – 1,025 square feet (95 m²). The Aventura 37 is available in a 3 or 4-cabin version.

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