Business - France’s marine industry now back to its pre-COVID levels

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This report is always carefully scrutinized by the multihull industry worldwide, as France is by far the world leader in this sector of the boating industry, accounting for 70 to 80% of global production. The FIN confirmed that 2021 was indeed a rebound year for the sector, which has now returned to levels last seen before the COVID crisis. Turnover in the nautical sector shows an increase of 4.9%, with an export rate of French production previously unseen, now standing at 79%. The market for cruising multihulls has grown by nearly 10%, the charter market by 10 to 14%, and the second-hand market by 17%. The growth of more than 60% in the watersports and outdoor sector (canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc.) shows that an entire new generation is now looking for an escape on the water. These apprentice sailors will have to be accompanied - skippers, sailing schools, technical support. This is a real challenge for the entire nautical sector, even though the climatic elements of the summer of 2022 in Europe - lack of water in lakes, rivers and streams, massive presence of algae in canals, violent storms in the Mediterranean, killer whale attacks in the Atlantic – all invite us to reflect, to adapt... and to show greater humility.

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