Dragonfly #1,000! A milestone celebration for the Danish trimaran builder

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The shipyard was established in 1967 in the fishing village of Skærbæk, on the country’s west coast, launching its first Dragonfly, as seen above. The builder has launched many mythical models - such as the Dragonfly 800, of which 400 were built over a 20-year period. Quorning Boats developed a system for folding the linking arms that would be used on all models - including the flagship Dragonfly 40, launched in 2020. Today, the builder produces about 50 units per year and its 1,000th trimaran is a Dragonfly 25, the 88th in that series.

Quorning Boats have put together some amusing calculations: 1,000 Dragonflys built means 3,000 hulls or 27 kilometers (16¾ mi). Put together, all the rigs reach 13 km (8 mi) and the combined sail area is equivalent to 120,000 m², or 18 soccer pitches/30 acres.

Although Børge Quorning sadly passed away at the end of March, he was nevertheless present in the shipyard he created 55 years ago for the ceremony of Dragonfly # 1,000 - he is the one seated in the foreground.

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