Key moments 2021 - The more the merrier…

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The moment I want to share is our second stop on the island’s north coast: with a moderate northeasterly breeze, we managed to find a nice spot with less than 12 feet (4 m) of water beneath out keels in the large, more or less sheltered cala Algaiarens. For mid-August, it’s not bad... but Paul (my brother)’s twelve guests were who will heat the atmosphere. An appointment was made, they arrived with wives and children for lunch - which they promised to prepare. I just had the time to tell them that the Bali has a plancha bbq grill... In the dinghy, I carried all their gear out from the beach, while our visitors of the day decided, unanimously, to swim to our multihull - the water was 81°F (27°C). Suddenly there were now 19 of us on board, and the boys took over the precious grill. Of course, there was a great atmosphere, laughter and all the areas of our catamaran were occupied. But at no time did we feel overwhelmed. We even got along so well with our 12 guests that we decided to sail for a few hours and drop them all off in Ciutadella, a 15-miles passage. Multihulls are definitely the way to go!

Emmanuel van Deth
Editor in Chief

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