Key Moments 2022 - Plenty of projects

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That being said, the reaction of the multihull family was far beyond what I could have imagined... the smiles, congratulations and sincere words of support are really helping me enjoy this adventure with peace of mind. Both in my own team and from readers, advertisers and other partners. Knowing that I’m surrounded and supported really changes the game.

So, there is more motivation, new projects for Multihulls World (and of course for myself as well...), a new MOTY format, more and more diverse and varied partnerships, a revitalized digital framework, social media channels that are taking off, and all this to make the magazine even richer and more relevant for you!

So during this holiday season, I'm taking advantage of the last few quiet weeks to anticipate and finalize so many great things to come for 2023!

PS: Oh yes, this year I also became an American citizen! More US shows lined up for me!

Gwen Dorning
Managing Publisher

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