Key moments 2022 - Wrapping up in Nice

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A particular moment was wrapping up the magazine (Issue #186) in Nice, just after the Cannes boat show. For once, we were all physically together!

Not all readers may be aware, but for the record, at Multihulls World we almost all work remotely and the “wrap-up” takes place by videoconference. Working from home has become much more popular and I love working in my little office, but as you know, the “home office” also has its limits, especially on a social level!
When the opportunity arose to do a “physical” wrap-up with the whole team, I immediately offered to host my colleagues at home to spend a day together. This opportunity allowed us to meet up again “in real life”, to enjoy spending time together and to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a (great) team!

I hope we can repeat the operation next year! Until then, I wish you all a happy holiday season!

Maria Chanau
Advertising Manager

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