Key moments of 2021 - A weekend in Rome (or very close by), extending the Indian summer of the multihull

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During these few days, what we enjoyed was a very seductive cocktail - a subtle blend of ancient history (Ostia-Fiumicino was Rome’s very first port) and the sweetness of life. Shipyards have been located here for more than two centuries. Massimo and his team, part of which is family-owned, have set up here by buying the Comet shipyard and reorienting production exclusively towards multihulls. We discovered a charming industrial site along the banks of the great Tiber River, in the middle of innumerable fishing boats. This is a shipyard that knows how to do everything in-house, a technical team that listens, and knows what sailing means (Massimo's children have taken part in the Olympics and in extreme events in sports catamarans) and a charming private marina where the happy owners can fine-tune their boat. A friendly atmosphere, local support: this gastronomic region would be hard to leave! Don't tell me that the Roman Lido lacks islands... Elba, Monte Cristo or Corsica are within gennaker's reach, or the marvelous Sardinia accessible for the week, the Aeolian Islands and Sicily will tempt the more adventurous Ulysses! A fantastic nautical playground, I tell you.

Philippe Echelle


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