Key moments of 2021 - From Cannes to TikTok

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Magazines, books, advertising material, supplies, transport, accommodation... After a two-year hiatus, we find ourselves surprised that things are not necessarily in their place, or that they’re in a more than unusual place! No matter, we spend weeks sorting, tidying, labeling, storing... The joy of getting together outweighs all the fatigue!
Arriving in Cannes, our spirits were not dampened. Never have we put so much effort into setting up the booth, organizing it, arranging it. At last, we can think and exchange “together”, for real, not on a screen, or the phone.
Back in Lyon, we make a point of maintaining this dynamism and the link between us. And I wouldn't have believed that TikTok (I admit, I wasn't a big fan of the idea at first) would become the intermediary! In Lyon, we have a mission to stage the arrival of the magazines. It's amazing the work a 10-second video requires: we push the desks around, we find the right angle, the right light and we shoot. Once, twice, three times, and we don't stop until we're satisfied with our shots. We can’t help but laugh!

Elin Rambaud
Administration and Communications Manager

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