Organic Boats - Palatto

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Today, based in Brittany in France, Organic Boats produces 100% ecological boats, inspired by traditional craft from around the world. The first model, the Palatto, is a pirogue with double outriggers. Light in weight, it doesn’t really need an outboard motor: its “crab claw” sail and a paddle will do the job. Julien has also provided a removable cabin for sleeping, which can be perfectly grafted onto the platform.


Builder: Organic Boats
Architect: Julien Gratiot
Overall length: 5 m (16’5”)
Waterline length: 4 m (13’2”)
Beam of central hull: 80 cm (2’8”)
Total beam with outriggers: 3 m (9’10”)
Number of people: 2 adults
Sail area: 5 to 7 m² (54 to 75 sq ft)

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