RAPIDO 40 - The very first seatrials of a folding trimaran... it’s exciting!

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This model, in the Racer version, can be boosted with C-foils and a carbon rig. While the central hull has a very narrow beam at the waterline, reasonable volume is nevertheless ensured inside, thanks to a marked chine. The floats are particularly voluminous, obviously guaranteeing good strength. And when you go alongside in port, they fold backwards: the beam is reduced from 28’10” (8.80 m) at sea down to 16’1” (4.90 m).

Builder: Rapido Trimarans/Triac Composites
Architect: Morelli & Melvin
Material: composite
Length: 39’4” (12 m)
Beam: 28’10”/16’1” (8.8/4.9 m)
Draft: 22”/4’7” (0.56/1.4 m)
Displacement: 10,600 lbs (4.8 t)
Mainsail: 820 sq ft (76 m²)
Solent: 345 sq ft (32 m²)
Price: $ 595,000 ex-tax

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