Round the world: yes, but in the wrong direction!

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While awaiting the singlehanded round the world race planned for 2019, the Ultims are looking for suitable programs. Actual and her skipper Yves le Blévec have decided to launch into the ultimate challenge: round the world singlehanded against the winds and the currents! A crazy project, which to date only four sailors have succeeded in completing, and always on monohulls which are much better equipped (and protected) for sailing to windward in high southern latitudes. The record belongs to Jean-Luc Van den Heede, in 122 days. The three other holders were Chay Blyth, Mike Golding and Philippe Monnet. The sailor’s avowed aim is to circumnavigate via the Horn, Leeuwin and Good Hope in 80 to 90 days.


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