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Diving in the BVI

Tom sent us this photo of his wife returning to the surface and towards their Privilège 585, after having come to meet him without scuba gear, whilst he was returning from his dive with tanks on the RMS Rhone in the BVI…


Lake Champlain

In the USA, there are three Multihulls World readers on Lake Champlain who each sail...a Lagoon. From left to right we find Papillon Bleu (Lagoon 380), Xalya (L380) and Francesca (L410).Pat is adamant: they are all mad about catamarans!!!!



Before sailing on all the seas (or lakes) in the world, our favorite boats sometimes have some strange destinies. And here is the proof, with this Sanya 57, built in La Rochelle, whose owner wanted to sail on Lake Geneva. Result: some tight passages under the tunnels leading to Switzerland (sometimes with a margin of less than 5cm...) and even the dismantling of a motorway toll station, so that ‘Float Inn’ – the catamaran’s name – could arrive safely, and become the biggest boat on the lake. What’s more, it is available for charter...
(Photo Alpen Plaisance)



And even when there isn’t a tunnel, multihull transport remains ‘sporty’. The transporters (and the owners) often need nerves of steel to safely deliver boats which, in this situation, seem even more enormous...
(photo: Multitrans)


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