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What you need to know: a pleasant bit of rolling will lull you to sleep at night

Obviously, this little bit of rolling can also turn into a lot of particularly unpleasant rolling...even in a cat. The only consolation in this case is to watch the monohulls dancing the jig around you.

Soyons positifs !

What you need to know: at sea, you have time to laze around

Modern life is full of stress, it’s even seen as the disease of the century... While in a boat, you have time to take your time. Obviously, you also have to stand night watches, spend hours trying to catch your daily sustenance in the waters around you, and the books you spend most time reading are the pilotage guides...

What you need to know: the children will discover another way of living

It’s a fact: all the children who are lucky enough to live for a sabbatical year (or more) aboard a boat are always delighted with the experience and talk about it several years later as one of the important moments in their existence. But before nostalgically evoking these memories, they will have to live without the mains for the Playstation or the Wii, and put up with their primary school teacher 24 hours a day... Not always easy or argument-free!

What you need to know: we’re finally going to do some sport again

Yes, the open-air life, swimming for several hours a day, having suntanned skin... But there is also the rough hands from the sheets, skin weather-beaten by the sun, the salt which dries you out, brittle hair...

What you need to know: living on a boat is freedom

Yes, of course, but it’s also the freedom to obtain permission to berth, to enter or leave a country, and above all, to wait until the weather is good... And we have to admit that the wind often has an annoying tendency to blow from where you dream of going.

What you need to know: on a cat, there is no risk, just pleasure

A cruising cat is unsinkable, it sails flat and the only known risk is that of the sky falling on your head... OK, there is also the mast, but let’s not go into detail!

What you need to know: living on a boat isn’t expensive…

Between the leasing, the loans, the fiscal advantages, management, charter and the multitude of second-hand cats on the market, buying and living on a boat is within reach of (almost) all purses. In fact, you just have to dare... Here again, it’s not worth pointing out that a small amount of savings is nevertheless useful, if only to buy a bit of food if your fishing techniques are not so good...

But although all of this is of course very true, the reality remains that Life is good on a cat!

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