Vortex Pod Racer - McConaghy Boats Pocket Foiler

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The craft is presented as a dismantlable trimaran with relatively short floats -not unlike Eric Tabarly's famous Paul Ricard. The helmsman takes his place in a bucket-seat in the central hull. He has foot controls, a joystick and waterproof electronics. The three foils are retractable to facilitate launching and departing from or coming back to the beach. At the end of a session of virtual lessons, sailors will know how to use the Vortex Pod Racer and will be able to fly at 30 knots at 3 feet (one meter) above the surface of the water. The first unit is currently under construction at the Zhuhai plant in China.
Technical specifications:
Builder: McConaghy Boats
Material: Carbon
Hull length: 17’5” (5.30m)
Beam: 19’ (5.80 m)
Light displacement: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Air draft: 30’2” (9.2 m)
Mainsail area: 180sq ft (16.8 m²)
Jib: 35.5 sq ft (3.30 m²)

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