LEEN 56 - 300 nm aboard one of the very rare motor trimarans on the market

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This new brand of powered trimarans called LEEN (a clever reflection of Neel, being named after the owner and founder of the yard, Eric Bruneel).  The first model launched (before the 72 and now the very new the 51) is therefore the LEEN 56, characterized by the two floats significantly shorter at the bows compared to the central hull, and by a platform of large surface-area, topped by an imposing flybridge. The advantage of these new ocean-going multihulls is their very low drag: consumption will be limited to 2 liters (just over ½ US gal) per mile at cruising speed (9 knots). The diesel engine in the central hull can be supported by two electric pods - one in each hull - to facilitate maneuvering in port and for leaving an anchorage with the greatest discretion. We were able to sail aboard hull #2 for 300 miles from Ibiza to Barcelona.

Discover this full cruise in Multihulls World Special Power Issue  #21.

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