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Multihull of the Year 2024 - The Nominees!

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For the public vote, we have 4 categories: Sail Cruising, Sail Performance, Multipower and Multiyacht! As a bonus this year, we are introducing 2 slightly different categories into the mix:

- The International Multihull Show Premiere category, where the Multihulls World jury will judge and award one of the multihulls making their debut at the show

- The Capt’n Boat category, where the professional skippers of the platform themselves will be awarding their favorite multihull to sail.

So let’s discover together the 2024 nominees! 

To find out more about the nominees, there are several options: our website of course, but also the 2024 Sail and Power Buyer’s Guides as well as the full boat tests (available online and in the print version).

So, it is your turn to show your support! The votes are officially open! Simply go to www.multihulloftheyear.com until March 31st, 2024 to vote for your favorites!

The official results will be announced on the opening day of the International Multihull Show on April 3, 2024.

See you there !


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