Xquisite X5 Plus - Walkthrough

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Derived directly from the X5, the Plus retains an unconventional silhouette that may dissuade some from going beyond appearances... but that would be a shame: those frightened off would be missing out on a beautiful cruising machine with intelligent specifications. This new model benefits from the experience gained during 6 years of the X5: the bows have been modified, the displacement is lighter by two tons, the sail plan has increased in area and the equipment is even more complete. The X5 Plus is perfectly suited to the cruising families that have chosen it. Rigorous design by a team of experienced sailors (the seas off South Africa are an excellent learning environment), meticulous construction, exemplary deck plan, abundant and perfectly functional equipment, remarkable overall quality of execution, tempered glass skylights: these are the strong points of this catamaran that deserves to be recognized.

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