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January / February
Multihulls World 157

Multihulls World

Issue #: 157

Published: January / February 2018

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Multihulls World #157 - January/February 2018

The 2018 Buyer's guide


Contents Multihulls World 157 - January/February 2018

Election for Multihull of the Year : Vote for your favorite boat


Every multihull on the market – All the new models
Multihulls under 40 feet
Multihulls from 40 to 50 feet
Multihulls from 50 to 70 feet
Power multihulls
Multiyachts over 70 feet
Technical specifications for existing multihulls

Blue Water Cruising
Ilha dos Lençois
# I’m casting off in 2018
The Torres Strait 
Mission Océan, or how to buy and refit a catamaran at the right price…
Hitch-hiking across the Atlantic

Catamaran basics: Uncomplicated, basic knots
Diagnostic: Alarms

- Charter: Bali
- Postcards
- Reader’s Spots

On test
Lagoon 40
Rapido 60
Second-hand test: Bali 4.5

The photographer’s eye
News from the pontoons
Builders around the world
Multihulls Match: Setting off on a multihull: sail or power?
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From The Editor

Election for the multihull of the year, here we go!

For many years, readers and builders have been asking us to create an award for the Multihull of the Year.  The arguments in favor of the creation of this award by our team are numerous: we know all the boats built around the world, and we have sailed on almost the entire production since... the 80s, for the oldest in our editorial team! 

In short, we know multihulls!

But are we the most qualified to decide which boat is the best?  And besides, the best compared to what?  Wouldn’t it be better for those who use them on a daily basis to give us their opinion? 

That's why we decided to hold an election with you, magazine readers and catamaran and trimaran users, deciding which boat you prefer from a selection of new boats launched this year.  A reward in keeping with the times because it’s your participation that makes it! 

A free and objective election, with no member of the editorial team or jury having any input to influence you in deciding on your favorite boat.

So, it's up to you and your keyboards (www.MultihulloftheYear.com). Results of the election to be announced on Sunday April 23rd at the International Multihull Show…

JC Guillaumin


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