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N° 14

August / September

Multihulls World

Issue #: 14

Published: August / September 2020

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Contents Multihulls World Special Issue #14 - Summer 2020


26 - What size?

30 - Match: 3 vs 4 cabin layout

34 - Match: cat vs trimaran

38 - Comfort or performance?

42 - Multihull basics: flybridge or no flybridge?

46 - Construction material.

60 - A multihull, how much does it really cost?

70 - And why not a powercat? .

84 - The world of multiyachts

92 - Small multihulls

94 - Coastal boats

100 - Cruising boats

112 - Second-hand

114 - Multihull basics: buying well second-hand

117 - 10 multihulls for less than $100,000


52 - Match: Excess 15 vs Lagoon 50

76 - Nautitech 47 Power


106 - The Baltic Sea in an Astus 24


6 - News from the pontoons

20 – Shopping

130 - Who’s who: Sylvie Ernoult


As free as a special edition!

Perhaps some readers think that, ultimately, our job here as editors/boat testers/photographers would get a little bit samey: a magazine to wrap up every other month, multihull seatrials, finding the latest news and filling the columns... Well, you’re not totally wrong - except that our whole team shares your passion: that of sailing on more than one hull, of discovering new coasts, islands and countries by sea, and simply living on board. So we’re definitely not stuck in a routine here at Multihulls World! And this is even truer when it comes to the Special Editions. This is an issue where we’ve got the opportunity to break free from our «flatplan» - that’s what we call, in press jargon, the summary and content retained. This special issue is entirely dedicated, or almost entirely, to choosing a multihull. After the first news sections, we take you on a long read where the subjects follow on from one another and complement one another. Don’t worry, this isn’t an indigestible novel awaiting you, rather an initial journey (before the real thing!) through articles, figures and photos, punctuated by a few nods to our usual features - hijacked here with a touch of mischief.

Enjoy your trip with us!

Emmanuel van Deth / Editor in chief


We are dreaming with you…

Choosing your multihull remains an important event in your life as a sailor. And at the exact moment you validate your decision, one that will inevitably commit you for several years, doubts sometimes invade the future Captain. Let he who is without doubts cast the first winch handle overboard... So, sail or power? Catamaran or trimaran? Quite sporty or more comfortable? New or second hand? There’s no shortage of questions, and the answers don’t necessarily come naturally... Though, how can you be sure you’re doing the right thing? The nights spent devouring your collection of Multihulls World magazines - and there are getting on for 200 of them - will of course help you get a good feel for the multihull of your dreams. Sailing, testing, chartering, re-testing with the crew you’ll be sailing with, re-testing with a professional skipper, chartering again and sailing again and again remains to this day the best way to be certain - or as certain as you can be - of making a judicious choice for your multihull. But boating is above all a matter of passion, and in our field, perhaps even more than elsewhere, “the heart has its reasons of which reasons know nothing”. The entire editorial team hopes that this special edition will help you make the choice of your heart - the multihull that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality.

Fair winds!

Gerbert Rambaud –  Managing Director of Jours de Passions

Jean-Christophe Guillaumin – Captain  of Multihulls World

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