Behind the Scenes - Bags and equipment first!

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I really like these two different atmospheres of the same boat. I think it shows the different possible uses of the same deck area on a power catamaran...

But between these two photos I had to take a shower and find dry clothes! Indeed, after the helicopter session, we had to join the SIXTY 7 for the next photo and video shoot. When we reached the boat at sea, to save time, it was decided to make the transfer despite a little swell...

The chase boat and the SIXTY 7 being at a standstill, transom to transom, to avoid any collision, we had to pass from one boat to the other via the tender. Cautious as usual, I first loaded our suitcase of equipment before putting my foot on the dinghy, which, with the swell helping, decided to draw backwards just at that moment!

So there I was, in the water, fully dressed. It was late October, and even off Pollença in the North-West of the island of Majorca, the water was not warm! Quickly back on board, totally soaked but nothing ...

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