Seakite - A 100% green circumnavigation for Yves Parlier's former Hydraplaneur

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To demonstrate the validity of this green approach, Yves has set himself a new challenge: to complete a carbon-free circumnavigation. Rather than building a new boat, Yves has decided to reuse the platform of his old Hydraplaneur, which has chined hulls - derived from the floats of seaplanes. This 60-foot catamaran, launched in 2006, won the record for the longest distance covered in 24 hours, first with a crew and later, single-handed. Renamed Seakite, the boat and its former skipper are embarking on a great adventure: a 100% green round-the-world voyage via the trade-wind route. This multihull example of carbon-free propulsion solutions will be pulled along by a kite coupled with biomimetic turbines from the company ADV tech. These turbines will produce electricity “under kite” (600 W at 6 knots) and propel (2 x 15 kW at 48 V) the catamaran when the conditions are incompatible with flying the wing.
The Beyond the Sea team is finishing the transformation of their multihull in order to meet their launch date in September. 

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